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[Sys] Server update annoucement!!

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Patch Notes:
Event: Koolombus Travels:

Event Introduction:
For the next three weeks, everyone who puts 1 million intothe [Travel Donation Box] will receive a [Koo Voucher] that can be used toredeem a [Koo Egg] from [Koolombus]. [Koo Eggs] have a chance of containingcool PD made by Koolombus himself, such as the [Style-Cumulus] series that hetakes pride in! Don’t miss the great rewards!

Event Details:
1)      During the event, players can receive 1 [KooVoucher] for every 1 million placed in the [Travel Donation Box].
2)      1 [Koo Voucher] can be exchanged for 1 [KooEgg]. [Koo Eggs] have a chance to contain [Style-Cumulus] of all colors.
3)      During the event, players can exchange the fourCumulus of different colors that they have collected with [Koolombus] for a[Enchanted-Rainbow Cumulus] ride PD and to obtain the [Colorful Life] title.
4)      [Koolombus] will stay for one week after theevent to provide reward exchange services, but the [Travel Donation Box] willno longer be there.

Item Mall:
Added Pet bag A [ Updated Pet bags till Avidia]
Adjusted Price of Improved pet feed to 100pc/300 ag
Adjusted Price of Blessed Fusion Potion to 1pc/20 ag and50pc/1000ag
Adjusted price of Medium Blood certificate to 20pc/700 ag
Adjusted price of Advanced Blood certificate to 20pc/1000 ag
Adjusted Price of Pet’s Mid-Effect Blue/Red Potion to200pc/79 ag
Adjusted Price of Pet’s High-Effect Blue/Red Potion to200pc/79 ag

Green Angel:
Added 180/190 rides
Added 180 robot

Bao Clerk:
Added Ipfs/Ride fashion bags/pet bags

Pet expert:
Added Fuzz Ball Egg
Added Shadow Pet egg
For the time being 190s equips require level 200 until 190zequips aren’t released
New producer robot has their level requirements reduced to170 and 180.

Poker Castle:
Increased drop quantity of exp vouchers
Increased Exp voucher value from 1 million to 2 million

Dinosaur arena:
Increased drop quantity of exp vouchers
Increased Exp voucher value from 2 million to 10 million

Removed Hidden Agent 1 and 2 since the card quest is bugged.

Card drops:
Increased drop rates of:
Sleeper Nalica
Rock Slarms


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