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Patch notes:
Instance Boxes:
Every instance boss now drops their respective Loot boxes.The boxes have a guaranteed drop of “Instance Token” and “Gold Vouchers”.
Instance Token:
It is a new currency for players to get tickets for pimpingtheir gear. The final boss of each instance drops a guaranteed amount ofInstance Tokens. The instance token can then be exchanged in NPC “Fortunia”with some gold.
NOTE: In one of the Dungeon instance, Demon Kidace Drops theBox instead of The final BOSS
The box drops as follows:
Dungeon 5 instance tokens, 20m gold
Atlantis 2 instance tokens, 10m gold
Forest 5 instance tokens, 20m gold
Desert 5 instance tokens, 20m gold
Floating 7 instance tokens, 20m gold
Candy 7 instance tokens, 30m gold
Jurassic 5 instance tokens, 30m gold
Pharaoh 8 instance tokens, 40m gold
Orient 10 instance tokens, 50m gold
NPC Resources Manager:
The exchange list has been re-done to look neat and easierto navigate.
Added Muse PD tix and 2021 Summer PD tix.
Butterfly Garden: Increased Mob EXP
Spell adjustments:
Angel’s Blessing I:
Increased HP 20000
Increased MP 15000
Angel’s Blessing II:
Increased HP 40000
  Increased MP 25000
Orient PD stones:
Adjusted Def to 5300    +
Adjusted S.Def to4500 +
Removed Spell defence buff -
Added -10% element de-buff -
Increased def to 700/800/900/1100/1400 +
Earth Spirit Sacrifice: Adjusted Elemental Damage +
Earth Anger: Adjusted Elemental Damage +
Ice Cask: Adjusted Elemental Damage +
Super frozen Star: Adjusted Elemental Damage +
Thunder Fury: Adjusted Elemental Damage +

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