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[Sys] Server Update Announcement!!

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Patch Notes:
Today we have made some new NPCs for a much more f2pfriendly experience for all and will continue adding new ideas to make the gamefeel fresh!

The new NPCs are:

AO-Town expert
This NPC will hold all the newbie items currently found inshopkeepers (advancement stones, lv 150 beatific equipment, etc).
This also means the shopkeeper will yet again begin sellingfreshman items, which we had removed in the previous maintenance.

Instance Master:
1)The NPC will exchange F2P beatific sets up until item capminus 10.
2)The voucher exchange we added to Fortunia have been movedto the "Exchange for Vouchers" panel of this new NPC.
3)IPFs and Pet Previews and Pet exp Voucher are also up forexchange via the NPC.
4)Added Gem gauged for Tokens + Gold and removed from dailyEx-Coin exchange

The NPC is a F2P version of Fashionable. Provides exchangefor various Fashion suitcases.

Lucky bag Vendor:
It has some low-level lucky bags that will be looked into detail in the near future!

The idea is still being worked on and soon will be implemented!

New Tokens:

Beatific Token:
The purpose of this token is to exchange beatific equipment from NPC Instance Master (Exchange for Equipment) panel.
It can be obtained instances (Poker castle/DinosaurArena/Unknown Chambers/Phoenix Palace).

Stylistic Flower:
The purpose of this token is to exchange Shapeshifts/PDsuitcases from NPC Stylist and NPC Shapeshifter.
It can be obtained instances in lower-level instances. (Dungeon/Atlantis/Forest/Floating/Desert).

NPC Green Angel:
Added Level 45/60/100/130 Rides for easier completion yellow Suit Achievement

League war Rewards:
Reduced Points needed to obtain PD (no Stats or benefits)
Reduced Points needed to obtain Ranked Badge (no Stats or benefits)
Reduced Points needed to obtain Vulcan Egg and Garden Egg
Reduced Points needed to obtain Shapeshifts
Reduced Points needed to obtain Hammers
Added Pet Exp Voucher
Added Skill Crystal
Added Red potion Z and Blue Potion Z
Added Calling Beeper and Flying Position System

NPC Resource Manager:
Removed Gem Gauge (Transferred it to NPC Instance master/MiscellaneousPanel)
Replaces Crit cards and Speed cards with their SeniorVarients

Instance Changes:

Botti Palace:
Adjusted Mob/Boss HP for an easier clear.


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